Are your windows wood, metal or PVC(u)? Are the frames in good condition?

Whether the window is wood or metal you will find an inexpensive window lock to fit each type. There are a variety of specialist locks to fit PVC(u) windows. These should be fitted by a specialist or a member of the Master Locksmiths Association.

Window restrictors

  • Windows can be left partially secure using window restrictors

Additional window locks

  • Additional locks/restrictors can be fitted, but consider fire escape as well as any warranty before fixing additional products into the frames
  • New windows should conform to certain standards, which will be met by approved suppliers. Approved suppliers can be searched for on the securedbydesign website.
  • Fitting laminated glass to vulnerable windows makes it difficult to break and it will take longer to penetrate. Window security film allows existing glazing to be strengthened and certain tints can be installed on windows that restrict outsiders being able to look in.

Window shock alarms

  • Window shock alarms are low cost and easy to fit. They can be placed on the glazing part of a window and are triggered on vibration. They can be turned on and off.